Dive In: Why Swimming is the Ultimate Workout

Discover the amazing benefits of swimming.


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It’s hot outside, which means it is time for sunscreen and bathing suits. Spending time at the beach or going to pools is a great way to cool off, and swimming is an excellent workout. According to Healthline, swimming is actually the fourth most popular form of exercise in the USA, and for good reason. Swimming can be highly enjoyable and is also really good for your mind and body. Below are five reasons why swimming is the best way to exercise.

Swimming is a full-body experience
Each form of exercise and sports has its pros and cons, and one of the coolest, literally, of swimming is that it is the ultimate full-body experience. Which other sport is there where you immerse your entire body, from head to toes, into the game? Sure, other forms of exercise can use multiple muscles and work out many of your body parts, but according to Healthline, with swimming you truly are working out every single part of your body.

Swimming boosts your physical and mental wellbeing
Exercise in general is great for both your physical and mental health. With swimming, reported National Geographic, there is something about exercising in water that soothes the body and mind, and boosts your wellbeing in so many different ways. Swimming, they explain, can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can even improve your memory function. In addition, swimming releases lots of feel-good hormones and can even help you sleep better.

Swimming burns lots of calories
If you are looking to burn calories, swimming is one of the best and most effective ways for you to do that. In fact, Healthline says it basically torches through your calories. A person, depending on their weight and intensity of their swimming, might be able to burn around 420 calories when swimming for an hour, while that same person would be burning around 180 calories doing yoga or around 300 calories when walking. Yes, swimming really is that amazing of a workout.

Swimming is super inclusive
Some sports can prove to be a bit difficult if a person has any sort of disability. With swimming, there are lots of pools that are disability-friendly and encourage anyone who is able to to come swim, according to Medical News Today

Swimming can be great and sometimes even recommended for people with certain conditions, as the water can provide some support and they might find floating helpful and super enjoyable. This is all also true for people with chronic pain, explained Everyday Health. Swimming can sometimes provide pain relief and boost their wellbeing.

Swimming makes you smart!
A study published in 2019 suggests that regular swimming can improve your cognitive and mental function. It can even help keep your mind sharp as you get older, which is an incredible benefit, especially for older people and those with memory or cognitive conditions. 

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