The Dog Can’t Eat Your Homework with this New Education App

1 in 5 American teachers now use Remind to communicate with students and parents.

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Raise your hand if you’ve seen a baby playing with an iPhone – swiping at the screen and making pretend phone calls. Fast forward a few years and that tech-savvy infant is a school child who can run circles around most adults in their technological prowess.
Putting this modern reality to good use is education app “Remind,” a safe, free messaging platform which allows teachers to communicate easily with students and parents. Making its way into the top 50 free apps on the iTunes store, the app makes “notes from the teacher” a thing of the past – saving both the environment and the inevitable unreliability of the paper medium.
Unlike other popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, Remind is a one-way platform - teachers broadcast messages to groups of students and teachers, though recipients can now interact by using reply “stamps.” To protect students’ privacy, users don’t have access to each other’s’ phone numbers, and teachers can only send messages collectively. The app aims to enhance relationships and communication between students – rather than getting down to the nitty gritty of education like Goodnet-favorite Tiny Tap.
And so far – it’s a hit. Over one million teachers and 17 million students and teachers have downloaded the app for iPhone, iPad and Android, and the founders - Michigan brothers David and Brett Kopf - are expecting even more users in the near future as more teachers take up the technology.
Looks like it won’t be long until “the dog ate my homework” will be an obsolete phrase, too.

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