Doing Good Italian Style

Celebrating Good Deeds Day in Rome.

The Good Deeds Day village.

(Courtesy CSV Lazio)

Good Deeds Day came early in Rome. That’s because the day has been observed alongside the annual Fun Run since 2016 – which is part of the Rome marathon – in a partnership between the  CSV Lazio volunteer organization and GDD. This non-competitive race is held in the Circus Maximus area that highlights the ancient beauty of the city along with the spirit of kindness and altruism of the Italian people.

Good Deeds Day is an international day of doing good that began in 2007 in Israel and went global in 2011. Founded by business woman and philanthropist Shari Arison, there are millions of people participating in 115 countries around the world.

Good Deeds Day Village

Insieme per il bene commune, which translates to working together for the common Good or Good Deeds Day as it is commonly known.  On March 17, 2024, the Good Deeds Day village returned to the Circus Maximus to promote solidarity and the practice of good deeds, according to a joint statement from SCV Lazio and Good Deeds Day Italy.

There were volunteers from over 100 associations running activities for people of all ages from tots, teens, adults, and their four-legged friends. An estimated  25,000 people turned out for the event on that bright sunny day.

For children there was a dive into the past with a historical archery activity that was held by the DHD Lazio OdV, which is part of the ADHD Italy Coordination and deals with supporting families and people with ADHD. For those kids who love cooking, there were pasta making stations. But no celebration is complete without arts and crafts, face painting, and circus animation.

And while the children learned and played, there were plenty of health-related activities for the adults.  This included training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation and choking relief. 

There really was something for everyone including craft activities, photography exhibits, and sports challenges, but it wasn’t just for people.  There was an area dedicated to furry friends which included pet therapy, demonstrations by dog nautical dog rescuers, and an informative booth about dog guides.

Of course, no Italian celebration is complete without food vendors, and musical entertainment. Doing good Italian style was a complete success.

The Good Deeds Day village.

(Courtesy CSV Lazio)

The Rome Fun Run

The 5-kilometer Fun Run city race is part of the larger Acea Run Rome marathon which was held on March 17, reported Nova News. This year, the marathon was dedicated to water and water saving as part of the connection between sports and water as well as stressing the importance of water in protecting the health of people and the planet.

As part of this effort to save water, the refreshment points served 60 thousand liters of water to the athletes in 100 thousand bio-compostable cups.

Over 19,000 people registered for the marathon and an additional 40,000 people participated in the Run4Rome" solidarity relay and the Fun Run. With all of Rome’s fountains and aqueducts, the water theme was prevalent in both the races and the Good Deeds Day village.

Keeping Good Deeds Day Going

There will be activities continuing through the international Good Deeds Day on April 14 and beyond, Chiara Castri, the press officer for SCV Lazio told Goodnet. The Italian Disability Network, FIDA, La Chiave di Volta, and Mondo Disabili Future are organizing a multidisciplinary and integrated Sports Day in Ciampino that will be held on April 14..

For health sports enthusiasts, there will be an inclusive trek along the Via Francigena, and other fun sports will be held in various places. In June there will be a sporting competition featuring five teams composed of deaf athletes. Inclusion is a very big part of doing good in Italy.

Even if you cannot get to Italy, there will be plenty of Good Deeds Day activities that you can join around the world.


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Good Deeds Day, an annual global day of doing good, is the pinnacle of doing good year-round. Initiated in 2007 by business woman and philanthropist Shari Arison, Good Deeds Day has grown to 115 countries with millions of participants.  Good Deeds Day 2024 will take place on  April 14.