A Dose of Inner Zen is the Secret Ingredient to Making Athletes Soar [VIDEO]

Mindfulness and meditation in motion

Feb 7, 2014
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The Winter Olympics officially kicked off and the world’s top athletes have all descended upon Sochi, Russia to compete in fifteen sports. In order to perform at their highest capacity, the competitors need to be focused and put their years of dedication and training to the test in each sporting event.
In this beautiful video, Aidan Sheahan a professional freeskier, explains how he enters into the mindset of his sport, outlining the mental challenges that accompany the physical ones. Sheahan practices mindfulness and meditation to maximize his athletic performance, stating that “Action sports are a mental game. Every trick, variation and landing is generated in your mind as a vision or dream of what you want to do next.” Mindfulness and meditation is becoming a growing trend, and is being incorporated into business as well as sport. As shown in the clip, that dose of inner Zen can be the secret ingredient to making any talented athlete soar.

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