Downtown LA Meters Collect Money For Homeless

Small change makes a big difference

(Dmitry Morgan /

While many associate parking meters as a nuisance, the newly installed meters in Grand Park, Los Angeles, make it easy for residents to pay it forward. The meters don’t go towards city revenue and mobility; they provide an easy way to give back to community members in need.

The brightly colored meters--which are distinct from regular meters-- collect donations that support the City County Community (C3) program, an initiative that helps outreach workers connect and help the homeless find housing. As of now, there are six working meters placed in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Jose Huizar hopes that residents will see the meters while out and about and make a donation that could positively impact people who oftentimes feel invisible. Huizar hopes the meters will become a “model” for cities around the U.S.

And with working meters in Pasadena and West Palm Beach, Florida, it seems C3 is gaining momentum to create awareness around the issue and proactively help people get back on their feet.

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