Dubai Beachgoers Will Now be Guarded With the Help of Robots

Baywatch just got a lot more interesting


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Dubai beachgoers can now enjoy their vacation even more, knowing that a fleet of robot-lifeguards will be watching over them. What sounds like a science fiction scenario, has been reality in the US for some years already, and will now finally be possible also in the Middle East. The 125 cm-tall boat-shaped robot dubbed EMILY (Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard), is remote controlled and can be deployed in seconds simply by being thrown in the ocean. Once in the water, EMILY zips to the person in distress with a speed of 35 kph - roughly 12 times the speed of a human lifeguard. As soon as "EMILY" reaches the struggling person, it acts as a floatation device until the lifeguards catch up and can offer buoyancy for up to six people at the same time.

Alya Al Harmoudi, Director of the Environment Department at Dubai Municipality, said the inclusion of the robot fleet also comes “in response to Dubai government directives to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations in this area as well as to ensure that all the necessary requirements and precautions are in place to enhance the rescue operations on the public beaches of Dubai." One full charge - super quick at only 45-90 minutes - is enough for EMILY to complete at least 30 rescue operations. While EMILY can not yet fully replace human lifeguards, it will certainly be a huge help in saving countless lives, not only in Dubai, but wherever it might be deployed.

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