Dutch Roads Might Soon Be Made From Recycled Plastic

Putting tons of waste to a good use

Oct 16, 2017


Dutch Roads Might Soon Be Made From Recycled Plastic | Putting tons of waste to a good use

Plastic and plastic waste is literally everywhere in our world and the number of ingenious solutions to this global problem are growing every year.

A Dutch organization just announced yet another futuristic plan to salvage plastic pollution from the ocean and use it to build highways in the port city of Rotterdam.

The solution is as simple as it is unique: VolkerWessels, the company leading the project, plans to gather plastic waste by installing floating barricades in nearby ocean waters. The plastics will then be processed, and compressed into building blocks for the roads.

Except for the obvious benefits to the planet, the raw recycled material used for the PlasticRoad project is more durable and easier to maintain than common building materials used in road construction.

Studies suggest that nearly any type of plastic can be used, and the material is resistant to temperature variation from -40º to 176º Fahrenheit (-40º to 80ºC).

Scientists are already in the final stages of testing the safety of the concept – and if plans go according to schedule, the first roads will be built later this year.

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