DIY Your Own Hand Sanitizer

A practical idea for you to protect yourself, your family and your community.

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How to make hand sanitizer form things you have at home

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These days more than ever, you don’t need to be a crafter or a DIY lover to create something meaningful for yourself and for others. Who better than you to provide your family with the necessary protection and to actively work together with your community during these challenging times?

Staying home can be not only productive but also fun while doing something that is meaningful and needed. If you can’t find hand sanitizers, you can make it yourself. Don’t know how? Don’t worry, help can come from ordinary people just like you. How? By joining this movement of collective care.

Creating your own Health Care Kit using things you most probably have at home, can keep you and your loved ones safe. Hygiene is key these days and making your own sanitizer can be a great alternative when soap and water are not around. Carrying a small bottle with you in case of need can make all the difference!

There are countless alcohol-based recipes with natural oils from The Spruce that are super easy to make. They are not only highly effective, but they will also leave a pleasing aroma in your hands for a long time. 

Beyond the infinite ingredient combinations, always make sure to use rubbing alcohol that is at least 70 percent alcohol for proper disinfection. Also, keep in mind that hand sanitizers are not meant to replace hand washing: opt for soap and water first every time you have the chance.

What is the best way to use hand sanitizers? Just apply a generous amount of product to the palm of your hands. Rub palm to palm, and don’t forget to rub on the back of your hands and between your fingers as well. Let your skin dry before touching anything… and that’s it!

Caring about our loved ones means trying to find ways to improve their lives and make sure their needs are met. Put your hands to work and create something that can help you and everyone else around you reinforce values such as care, responsibility and collaboration. Those are the ideals that will push us forward!

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