Easy Ways to Make New Friends

When was the last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone to attract new friends into your life?

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People are social animals and close personal relationships are important to our wellbeing. According to Harvard Health, friends help us deal with stress, keep us strong, and help us rebound quicker from health issues. 

Loneliness represents one of the main causes of depression as adults grow older, so building and maintaining valuable friendships is an important element for our mental health. Too often we see people prioritizing everything else over their own happiness. From family life to work life and everything in between, leaving their social life pretty non-existent. So, create the time to enjoy life with others. Make the space for new friendships to blossom. 

After all, your tribe is your vibe. As Jim Rohn puts it, “They say that 'you are a combination of five of your closest friends', so choose your people wisely.” 

Venture Out of Your Comfort Zone 

What gives you life? Dive deep into whatever makes you feel alive and explore your interests. Once you understand what you enjoy, look for other like-minded individuals. 

Let's say you love to paint yet you haven't practiced in years. Sign up to an art class. Let your creative side flow, while connecting with other art enthusiasts. You never know, you could meet some of your most cherished friends through a random occurrence. 

Attend workshops, sign up for events, or go on a retreat. Partake in activities you usually wouldn't find yourself doing but light you up when you do. By embracing your passion, you can also find people who share the same interests as you. 

An effective way to move out of your comfort zone is to say yes more. Say yes to opportunities where you will likely meet new people. Accept that invitation from your friend to go to an event. It may surprise you what venturing into the unknown can deliver. Synchronicity can bring two completely different people together, with the purpose of creating a new special bond.

Remove Blockages

Shyness, anxiety, fear of rejection; do these sound all too familiar? Often people worry too much about what others think, and this may hold you back when making new friends. Remove these negative thoughts and replace them with love, compassion, trust. Overcome these blockages to welcome new friendships into your life. 

Open your mind. Open your heart. When you live with an open mind, you can embrace every opportunity without judgment. So whenever you can, strike a conversation with another person. Whether it be on the train home or in a coffee shop. That could be the foundation of a long-lasting friendship. 

As the old saying goes, like attracts like. This should always be applied when meeting new people. If you have positive energy and clear communication, making new friends should be easy for you. Show people you care by remaining present when they speak. Listen with your whole body and build a deep connection. Getting to know new people is both exciting and interesting so embrace it!

Move Your Body!

Get active! Not only will you feel amazing, but getting outside or going to the gym offers a perfect way to meet new people. Walk your dog in the park, go swimming, or take a dance class. No matter what your choice of movement is, show up with intent: an intent to meet new people and build new friendships. 

Let's say you have a passion for yoga. You feel your best when on your mat, flowing. Sign up for a yoga class. Not only is this a great practice for self-love, but you will also meet others who share the same love for yoga as you. You already have one thing in common. Treat this as a gateway for discovering more about others and finding new friends. 

Social Media Community

With social media on the rise, online communities have become the next big thing. Endless social media platforms create a sacred place for individuals to communicate, and many of today's friendships actually begin online. 

Social media groups connect like-minded people and offer a platform for individuals to share experiences, open-up with each other and support one another. Groups exist for just about everything online now so browse the web and find the perfect one for you. Make the most of today's technology for connecting you with people from all over the world. 

Above All, Be Yourself

Never lose touch with your true essence in order to make friends. People worthy of your friendship will love you for who you are, so embrace every part of you. True friendships are based on trust so be open and honest from the get-go. 

Always ensure conscious, mutual respect. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Loyal friendships can truly blossom with good foundations. So find people that bring out the best in you, as you do them. And remember, always stay true to yourself.

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