The Edible Water Bottle You Can Make at Home

Ooho is a creative and green solution to discarding plastic water bottles



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The fact that plastic is a major pollutant affecting animals, ecosystems and the general health of the planet is not news - but this solution should be! This genius plan to reduce our dependence on plastics – specifically bottled water – takes the form of a squishy blob of water in gel. Called Ooho, these H20 orbs are servings of water encased in an algae-based gel, which, in due time, could be a common replacement for bottles.

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The creators of Ooho are three London-based industrial design students who form Skipping Rocks Lab. Influenced by molecular gastronomy (a method of cooking that merges scientific methods) the team set out to create a viable way to deal with the fact that over 80% of all water bottles aren’t recycled. What makes this innovation even more forward-thinking is that the recipe and instructions on how to create an Ooho water gel packet are covered under Creative Commons - meaning that it’s free for anyone to use and replicate.
While there are still a lot of kinks to work out, such as how do you keep Ooho clean and sanitary before consumption, the award-winning invention is taking a proactive approach to reducing plastic pollution. It is especially timely as today, March 22, is World Water Day - which aims to draw attention to how water is allocated and managed.

Learn more about Ooho and how you can make your own edible water blob at home by watching this: