Empowering the Women of Kenya through Canvas Totes [VIDEO]

L.I.F.E. Line is changing the lives of women who have children with special needs

Aug 7, 2014

Who says that a bit of thread cannot change a life? That is definitely the story for the ladies featured in this video who are proud members of the nonprofit program L.I.F.E. Line. The fashion line is a means to support the children of these women, all of whom have special needs. L.I.F.E. Line is part of the nonprofit CTC International which founded Malaika Kids, the only school in the Kenyan Rift Valley for kids with special needs.
Lovely canvas totes, change purses, cup sleeves and wine carriers are produced by the very women seen in the video and whose children attend Malaika Kids. Due to its success, the operation has expanded and employs a co-op of women from the Maasai tribe who create and design beautifully beaded bands and bracelets. Everyone involved receives competitive wages and all of the materials are locally sourced and produced, which supports and strengthens the Kenyan economy. The video features these industrious women who through every canvas tote sold, are positively changing the course their lives and the lives of their families.

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