Enjoy 5 DIY Tension Releasing Massages

Massages from head to toes.

Release the tension in your back with a DIY massage.

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A massage seems like a special treat to relax but it does far more than just make you feel good. Regular massages may promote sleep, reduce soreness, improve circulation, and could actually help boost your immunity, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Learning how to massage your muscles and joints at home, will allow you to enjoy the benefits every day! Try these at-home DIY massages to release tension and keep your body feeling good from your head down to your toes.

For Your Face

You can start each day with a refreshing facial massage and include it in your daily skincare routine. This four-step facial massage from SELF Magazine only takes two minutes. Use a cleansing oil or serum to enhance the movements. Start by gently pressing your fingers upward along your forehead and then move from the center of the face outwards on both sides. Next, gently massage your jaw and neck.

A DIY  facial massage.

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For Your Hands

Typing might cause wrist and hand pain, especially if you work on a computer all day. Prevention recommends giving yourself a hand massage break to release tension and prevent joint pain. Take a break every hour or two to stretch your fingers. The easy-to-follow directions start by gently pulling your thumb back toward your wrist until you feel the stretch. Then repeat this stretch on each finger.

Take a break and give yourself a hand massage.

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For Your Wrists

Release tension in your wrists with this simple DIY massage. Medical News Today suggests placing your hands in a prayer pose in front of your chest, with both palms pressed together. Then, slowly lower the prayer towards your lap and hold as you feel the gentle stretch in the wrists. Another easy way to massage your wrists is to squeeze a sponge or stress ball.

Massage your wrists in a prayer pose.

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For Your Back

When it comes to your back, these hard-to-reach places require a prop to give yourself a DIY massage. Spine Health recommends using a tennis ball for a back massage, which may help reduce tension, promote blood flow, and help ease back pain.

There are three different tennis ball massages to try. The easiest one is to place the tennis ball under your back or upper thigh and gently move it around to find the sore spots. When you find one, just press there to release the tension. You can do this while sitting or lying down.

Use a tennis ball for a DIY back massage.

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For Your Feet

Your feet are your foundation, and they deserve extra TLC if you want to feel your best. This series of foot massages from Medical News Today will help release tension in your heels, arches, and toes. There is a warm-up twist to start your foot massage that includes gently pulling the right side of your foot while pushing the left. Other massages include arch rubs, toe bends, and heel squeezes.

Give your feet some self-care.

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