Enjoy These 5 Practical and Ingenious Must-Haves

Celebrate nature with these innovative designs.

Drinking from a coconut.

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The world of design and innovation is exciting, always expanding, and can often benefit both nature and mankind. When designers add an ecological, healthy twist to their products, they come up with some incredible, must-have items.

As consumerism is not ideal for the environment, more people are opting to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Yet some items come along that are practical, environmentally-friendly, and fit a special niche. Here are five ingenious items that have recently come on the market, some of which could make great gifts for those who care.

Reusable plate folds into a container

Who does not love a picnic? If you are going to spend time outside appreciating nature, then it may be best to use sustainable products. Say goodbye to disposables, and bring along Calzone.

Calzone is a silicone plate named after that popular half pizza. Designed by South Korean BDCI Design, after you use your calzone as a plate, you can fold it up to use as a storage container.

You can also use it as a bag and take it to the office or school. It is made with health and safety in mind, according to Design Wanted. As the silicone is health grade and BPA free, you can place your Calzone in the microwave, oven, and freezer.

“We want to show eco-friendly containers can be transformed into something aesthetically beautiful as a well sought-after product that can be used for a lifetime,” BDCI Design told Design Wanted.

Coconut fauce

Coconut water is a popular, nutritious drink that is filled with beneficial antioxidants, according to Healthline. It may also help to lower blood sugar, reduce blood glucose, prevent kidney stones, and offer vital electrolytes after a workout.

This is all wonderful, but if you buy a fresh coconut, how do you get the water out? Some have used hammers, knives, even a drill! Now, thanks to Mutian Yu, there is a coconut faucet newly designed for 2022, according to TrendHunter.

The coconut faucet comes with three parts: a sharp pipe that plunges into the coconut and screws in place, plus a plunger and canister to help remove the precious coconut water. Now you can have your coconut and enjoy the liquid too!

Birdhouse address number

This innovation is perfect for birders. Designed by Micolaj Nicer, ‘Our Common House’ is a place to make both people and birds feel at home, according to Core77.

The birdhouse is made with small holes, perfect for hummingbirds and sparrows to nest inside. It is made from natural fired clay, while the nesting boxes are made of either natural pine, oak, or poplar wood, according to Briefly.

The lack of nesting opportunities is one of the most important factors limiting the success of urban bird populations. Modern building technologies and concepts of city space organization leave little room for nesting,” Nicer told Briefly. Now, thanks to this compassionate design, your avian buddies will also have a place to call home.

Edible treat container

This popular box is available in Japan, or to be exact, only in the Yamanashi Prefecture in northern Mt Fuji, according to Sora News 24. This popular sweet used to come in a plastic container that was wrapped in plastic, and had its own disposable utensil.

Now, it comes in an edible box made from monaka, a Japanese wafer. Forget the utensil, for now you can take a bite of the whole thing! And what is the special treat hidden inside the box? It is Kikyo Shingen Mochi, a rice cake covered in soybean powder topped with brown sugar syrup. The edible box version is so popular, fans are only allowed to buy one box of each size. 

Organic fertilizer in eco-packaging

Perfect for sustainable gardeners, small farmers and anyone who is climate conscious, this no-kill fertilizer made by Johnny Appleseed Organic is the first of its kind. ClimateGard is a blend of ingredients from ethical sustainable sources, according to a press release from the company. It also contains essential nutrients in their most bioavailable forms.

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ClimateGard is packaged in an organic cotton bag and has an inner lining that is compostable. Even the pallets the bags are stored on are made from recycled plastics. Aside from assisting in the growth of healthy fruits and vegetables in your garden, this fertilizer is feeding soil and climate change at the same time.