Envisioning a Better World

Conscious Good’s mission is to heal the world one inspiring story at a time.

Jul 8, 2020


Envisioning a Better World | Conscious Good’s mission is to heal the world one inspiring story at a time.

In these difficult times when communities are beginning to lock down again, it takes inner strength to be able to look beyond and imagine a better future for the world after the coronavirus pandemic is over. Not a return to the way things were before but a world of inclusion, community, and cooperation. 

We have already seen the sparks of this in the way people have been stepping up to help others during the pandemic including people who leave the security of their homes to bring food and medication to seniors in their communities, restaurants owners who use their kitchens to feed first-line workers, and doctors and nurses who left retirement to help save others even though they were at risk themselves. These people have built a new caring community.

With a commitment to raising global awareness through this empowered shared community vision of doing good, the nonprofit Conscious Good, that was founded in 2015, has the mission to support artists and visual storytellers who are dedicated to positively impact the world, one inspiring story at a time. 

Conscious Good just premiered a four-part original series on July 7, 2020 called C the Good on their CGOODTV platform. The series features live events and interviews with storytellers and the Conscious Good community members through inspiring live events that are designed to help you begin your own personal conversation about consciousness and how it translates into doing good. You can sign up for the free series here.

According to the CGOODTV website, the series asks and seeks to answer thought-provoking questions. What future do you want humanity to live in? How do you see the good? How do you make a difference?

To help you formulate answers to these questions and more, the nonprofit has compiled nine categories of programming:

Live Events & Interviews
You can connect to the nonprofit’s founders and storytellers in the Conscious Good community with these action-challenging speakers including a conversation with Dr Habib Sadeghi, the founder of Be Hive Healing Integration Medical Center in California, entitled Why We Need Healthy Media. There are also conversations with filmmakers whose films are featured in the Award-Winning Shorts and Feature Films sections.

Conscious Good Originals
This category contains enlightening and completely original content that is inspired by current events and includes: Sattva Summit Rituals, On Meditation: Gen Z, Ego and Karma, and other healthy coping and awareness raising strategies.

Feature Films
There is a selection of curated films – fiction and nonfiction – from award winning filmmakers that will entertain and inspire you on your journey.

Award-Winning Shorts
There’s nothing small about this content. There is a selection of fiction, nonfiction, and animated short films about consciousness for you to enjoy. 

Conscious Good’s instructors will guide you through your chosen discipline whether it is meditation or yoga. You can join the morning practice of Sister Jenna, Karena Virginia, Benjamin Decker, and more.

Binge-Worthy Series
The name says it all. You can watch episodes of several series about consciousness that will entertain and enlighten you. Watch one-at-a-time or feel free to binge.

Podcasts & Music Videos
Listen to interesting and inspiring talks and spiritual music videos to get your daily double-dose of consciousness. 

Science & Spirituality
They are not incompatible. Conscious Good says, “Meet us at the intersection of science and the soul.” Topics in this section range from the science of mindfulness to microbiology.

Creators Network Showcase
If you only have time to explore one category, this is the one. All of the films featured here were made by the nonprofit's creators and highlight the causes and conditions of all aspects of consciousness.

CGOODTV is available through browsers on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Apps are now available for all major platforms including iOS, Android, as well as online TV. There’s never been a better time to begin to heal the world.

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