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Good Gifts is the store for good doers


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What if buying a gift for a loved one resulted in a child in need thousands of miles away having access to clean drinking water? In an age where every holiday and event becomes an excuse for hyper gift shopping - the idea of a truly meaningful gift may sound too good to be true. Good Gifts, a project that provides an alternative to conventional presents - that is: store-bought, often unneeded, many times left unused - brings a new meaning to giftgiving.
The Good Gifts Catalog lets people mark special occasions by purchasing presents for friends and family that will make a difference to the world - and create true impact on someone's life. Gifts range from helping to turn a wheelbarrow into an ambulance in Kenya to providing a bike, helmet and training to enable a young person to get to work. While those who receive a gift may never physically see it, they can be safe in the knowledge that good work is being done in their honor. No matter how big or small the donation, Good Gifts promises to use the money spent to buy a gift that is necessary and wanted by someone - somewhere around the world.
Who wouldn't be happy to receive such a generous gift?

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