Every Purchase from This Website Helps Support a Good Cause

DoGoodBuyUs is an online marketplace offering beautiful unique goods made by charities

Jun 23, 2014

Screenshot from DoGoodBuyUs

What if you could treat yourself or someone you love to a cool gift while giving money to a meaningful cause at the same time? This is the reality when you shop at DoGoodBuyUs - an online marketplace of products made by charities. When purchasing something through the website, not only do you get unique, often handmade items, you also get the chance to support a range of incredible charities. All of the products featured in the catalog are directly linked to worthwhile causes - from environmental issues to women's rights - with at least 50% of the proceeds going directly to the charities. From candles to t-shirts, the one-of-a-kind items are made in a socially responsible way - further heightening the doing good factor. So next time you're in the market for something special, head over to DoGoodBuyUs where you can get what you need while helping others at the same time.

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