The Exercise Bike That Washes Your Laundry as You Ride

Creativity and convenience at its best.

bike washing machine

(Cristopher Orange /

Modern life is all about multi-functionality. A streetlight that kills mosquitoes and charges mobile phones, a soccer ball that also generates electricity, a book that doubles as a water filter – these are just some of the many innovations that pack as much purpose into a product as possible.  

Well, here’s the latest invention that’s about as multi-purpose as it gets – an exercise bike that washes your clothes. The aptly-named Bike Washing Machine (BiWa) was developed by students at the Dalian Nationalities University in China to “bring health and convenience to our life.”

The design is fairly straightforward: as you ride the bike, the pedaling motion rotates the drum of the washing machine, also generating enough electricity to power the display screen or save for future use. The invention saves time, water and money, as well as burning calories and promoting exercise.

Though the bike has yet to reach the market, as an invention that conforms to our busy lifestyles, it’s likely to be a hit when it does.

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