Exercise and Raise Money for Worthy Causes with One Nifty App

Charity Miles donates money to charity based on how active you are

Woman running

(lzf / Shutterstock.com)

We all know that exercising regularly can make you feel amazing but the app Charity Miles goes one step further by making other people feel good at the same time. Here’s how: the free app, which is available on Android and iOS, donates money to charity based on your physical activity, thanks to some very generous corporate partners. After choosing to either walk, run or bike you can select from a variety of worthy causes, such as The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer, that receive money based on the miles you put in. The app uses a basic distance monitor and the more miles you log, translates to more money donated by the sponsors. With Charity Miles it's a win-win situation - you get motivated to be more active while social causes receive some much needed support.

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