A Father’s Day Video That Will Bring You to Tears

#TellThemNow is a movement encouraging people to pick up the phone and share their love, gratitude and appreciation with their dads.

Jul 5, 2015

A father stands before his 30-year old daughter; both are looking each other intently in the eyes. It’s a bit awkward, no one is really talking. Then the woman asks her father, “what about me makes you proud?” This sets the video in motion with a series of 10 sets of dads and their kids of all ages who are taking a moment to express their respect and gratitude for one another.
Created for Father’s Day 2015 by the Echo Storytelling Agency, this clip was made as part of a broader campaign entitled #TellThemNow, which encourages folks to reach out to their fathers and share with them a bit of gratitude. While Father’s Day has come and gone, the message remains the same: Share your love, gratitude and appreciation to those that you care about, and don’t wait to for the perfect occassion, tell them now.

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