Fix, Film, Share: The Platform That Solves People’s Problems

Fixperts is an online platform that brings together designers, creators, and filmmakers to help someone facing a challenge.

Mar 22, 2016
Fixperts prototype

Fixperts connects designers with anyone who can use a little help in their life (Stanley Picker)

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; come up with a creative answer to a man’s food shortage, share the knowledge online as a video, and then many people are fed for a lifetime.

That’s Fixperts’ philosophy in a nutshell - identify a problem, solve the problem, share the solution online in a video. The open knowledge sharing platform values the power of ‘fixing’ to solve everyday problems - whether it’s organizing a messy closet for a dressmaker or creating a hands-free mirror for a man with one functioning arm.

What these solutions have in common is the creativity, hard work and heaps of imagination that go into them. Take Benny’s case as an example: Benny walks unsteadily due to his cerebral palsy, which also means it’s hard for him to stay dry when he has to hold an umbrella in the rain. So what do fixperts Shahar and Sagi do? They come up with prototypes, have Benny test them, tweak, refine, modify - until they develop an umbrella with an adjusted grip and clip to keep it fixed and steady.

As a knowledge sharing platform that also helps others, Fixperts is a beautiful marriage of creativity and design in order to make positive change.

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