The Food Revolution Coming to American Cafeterias

Revolution Foods provides healthy and natural meals to schools across the country.

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Little girl eating a healthy school lunch

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The days where kids would stand in line waiting for the lunch lady to plop down some mystery food on their tray are nearing an end with Revolution Foods. Spearheaded by two moms, the food service company is in the business of providing access to healthy and affordable meals to schools. Their complete breakfasts and lunches contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, hormones or antibiotics - and best yet, they were inspired by what kids want to eat.
After First Lady Michelle Obama put kids’ health and nutrition on the national agenda with Let’s Move, the United States has seen an increased awareness into what youth are being fed. Proper nutrition is connected to better academic performance, reemphasizing the importance for healthy and filling meals served at school.
Revolution Food serves over one million freshly prepared meals each week to K-12 schools throughout the US, and partners with schools to provide programming inside and outside of the classroom to teach healthy eating habits. Schools are invited to partner up, and in the meantime portable meal kits are available at a selection of retail stores, igniting a real healthy food revolution!

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