The Funky Traffic Light That Gets Pedestrians Grooving - And Saves Lives [VIDEO]

This clip from car manufacturer smart is sure to get you dancing.

Sep 21, 2014

There's nothing quite like a video that makes you want to dance - and this little beauty from smart will certainly do that. In a funky effort to encourage pedestrians to wait patiently at a busy intersection, the tiny car manufacturers attached a super-smart dance machine to an inner-city traffic light - and then filmed the results.
The video shows passersby tentatively entering a nearby booth, and then happily getting their groove on to the booming beats inside. A simple version of their figure is then projected on the pedestrian traffic light itself, entertaining those waiting and bringing many a smile.
Even better? A full 81% more people stopped at the red light - reminiscent of this inspirational New York traffic cop and this happy highway sing-a-long.
What a downright groovy way to save lives.


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