A Genius Way to Make Kindness Absolutely Contagious

Good Virus breathes a new life into the concept of monetary donations


Money donations.

(BNP Design Studio / Shutterstock.com)

An experiment in kindness, Good Money is all about inspiring others to do good. It involves donating money to charity using one and five dollar bills that have been stamped with "this money has been used for good." By marking the money, the team behind the initiative at Good Virus hope to motivate others to join them.
Believing in the viral nature of kindness, project organizers hope that when people see the stamp on the bills they will also want to use the money for a good cause.
Now in its experimental stage, monitoring the Good Money is key.  People who come across the stamps are encouraged to visit the website where they can log their location along with the bill's serial number on a map in order to keep track of where kind acts are taking place.
Anyone can get involved in the experiment by buying a stamp or even simply writing "this money has been used for good" with a pen or marker on bills used for making a donation. It's that simple. The most important thing is that the message spreads to as many people as possible.
Good Virus is about much more than the Good Money trial. With a fascinating feel-good documentary, an up-to-date blog as well as some funky t-shirts, there are plenty of ways to catch the kindness bug with these guys.

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