Get Up Stand Up: 5 Ingenious Standing Desks

Reaping the benefits of a convertible standing desk doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg with these funky solutions.

Standup desk

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Standing desks – exactly what it sounds like, a desk at which you stand rather than sit – are becoming more and more popular of late, and considering the health benefits it's not surprising. Standing instead of sitting speeds up the metabolism, improves posture, increases productivity by up to 10%, and actually helps you burn calories while you work. Of course, standing all day isn't ideal either – hours and hours of pressure on the leg joints can cause damage. Some active, creative options include walking desks – think desk meets treadmill – and riding desks, but the most popular choice is the convertible standing desk, which gives you the option of standing or sitting. Such furniture is a fantastic answer for people who need to use a computer but don't want to stay static all day – but the big ones on the market are on the pricey side to say the least.
The following four funky products offer a solution which is off the beaten track – and won't cost you an arm and a leg. So, whether you work mainly in cafes or have your own corner office, you can get up, stand up and enjoy your work.


Originally pitched and funded on crowd-sourcing site KickstarterPress Fit's standing desk assembles in seconds, without the need for glue or screws. The simple, beautiful piece of furniture is made with sustainable materials, and is light enough to be quite portable. The desk has no moving parts – just pull up a stool if you want to take a break and sit for a few minutes.
STAND OUT: Now in the process of filling the orders from the Kickstarter campaigns, Press Fit is selling pre-order products online.  


The Bekant from IKEA is an elegant, affordable solution for anyone looking to move to standing and the cost is comparable to most normal desks on the market. The simple mechanism is concealed within the legs, and the desk raises and lowers with the press of a button. Stand up when you want to, then sit down for a break – no levers or hand cranks.
STAND OUT: 'Bekant' means 'friend' in Swedish – maybe this desk will be your new best friend.


A striking characteristic of today's workforce is the freelance and work-from-home crowd, who don't necessarily have one desk to call their own. Enter the StandStand, the portable desk which collapses to the size of a laptop and can be placed on any desk or table to make a standing desk. This product was also funded on Kickstarter, with an overwhelming response and almost 2,000 backers.
STAND OUT: StandStand is great for laptop users who want to stand – at a temporary desk, the library or even a coffee shop.


Mobile and compact, the StorkStand attaches to any office chair, to turn a traditional workspace into a standing desk. Recently funded on Kickstarter, the funky wooden panel is currently available for preorder, for a fraction of the price of other convertible options.
STAND OUT: The StorkStand has a handy phone pocket, for use as a charging dock or just easy storage.


Convinced by the standing desk craze but not able or willing to fork out for an expensive desk, two bloggers came up with the Standesk 220 – a DIY solution that you can put together for $22 using parts from IKEA.
STAND OUT: With downloadable instructions and plenty of pictures of the desk in action, the Standesk is a great option that you can put together yourself.