Giving the Gift of Education

Buy a backpack to give a child access to the classroom

School equipment.

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As every parent and every school-age child knows, you can't show up to school without a plethora of supplies. As students around the world gear up for school, and while backpacks, pencils, rulers, erasers and notebooks exchange hands between merchants and buyer, the question is: how about those who lack these? Will they be able to go to school?
The unfortunate answer is, most likely, no. The fortunate solution is offered by The Pencil Promise.
For every backpack purchased from The Pencil Promise, another backpack filled with school supplies to boot is donated to a child in need in challenged region. Founder Susan Barron Trenk, who was inspired to create this social enterprise after a trip to Cambodia, has collaborated with schools in Cambodia, India and Laos. Her mission extends far beyond simply pen and paper; by giving the gift of accessibility to education, The Pencil Promise hands the keys for economic and societal hope.
[Source: The Pencil Promise]

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