Good Deeds Day 2023: Doing Good Around the World

Good Deeds Day continues to grow with inspirational projects across the globe.

(Courtesy Good Deeds Day)

Good Deeds Day continues to expand its circles of good and have a profound impact on the lives of many communities and individuals around the world. Good Deeds Day is a peak event of year-round doing good activities, was initiated by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison in 2007. On this special day, millions of people across the globe participate in doing good. 

On April 16, 2023, thousands of Good Deeds Day projects were held worldwide that involved millions of people from 110 countries, including: the US, Finland, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Haiti, Kenya, Cambodia, and more.

The development and positive spirit surrounding this international event of doing good increases annually, with millions of people joining in to volunteer and do something positive for others. Good Deeds Day was launched 17 years ago in Israel and has grown exponentially, crossing borders and cultures to become an internationally unifying day of good. 

Coming together to do good
Good Deeds Day Founder Shari Arison explains how she was inspired to bring people together to do good deeds. “18 years ago when I was walking on sand dunes, I thought to myself that if we connect all the good deeds, people will begin to see the goodness in the world. That is how Good Deeds Day began, and this year we will be celebrating 17 years of doing good year-round.”

“Good Deeds Day crossed borders, became international, and has reached by now 110 countries that take part. Seeing so many people come together and do good for others and the environment is so touching. If we think good, speak good, and do good, our world will look better. It’s in our hands - each and every one of us,” she added. 

Inspirational projects from around the world
Here are some of the events that took place on Good Deeds Day 2023 across the globe:

India: Captains in Kerela organized a unity flame run as a part of Good Deeds Day at Kozhikode. Around 500+ community members of all ages joined together and pledged to spread the message of doing good. The initiative was organized in collaboration with the upcoming Pavayil Community Fest and The Differently-abled Students Fest. 

iVolunteer in collaboration with Good Deeds Day, ran various volunteer projects throughout the month of April, engaging thousands of volunteers to celebrate simple acts of volunteering and service to humanity.  

Kenya: In partnership with Good Deeds Day, the VIO Society (Volunteer Involving Organizations Society Kenya) led a mega event with the ministry responsible for social development and the department of social services in the devolved government of Nairobi city county. 

Mexico (Querétaro): The Vive Mejor AC Foundation, in alliance with the Asunción de Querétaro Institute, carried out the project "Ecological Stoves for Rural Housing" whose objective is to facilitate an ecological alternative to cooking food that favors the environment and the health of the community members of Chiteje de Garabato in Amealco de Bonfil, Querétaro.

US: This year GoodPop joined forces with Good Deeds Day to lead expansion across different markets in the USA. GoodPop supports the communities they serve and spread good in a monumental way. The “Good” in the company name isn’t just about the ingredients they use or the way the products taste, it’s an integral part of their mission and dedication to using their frozen treats as a vehicle to do social and environmental good. 

Venezuela: Students from different Universities joined the Impronta Foundation and the Delegation of the European Union on a beach cleaning day in which more than 300 kilos of garbage were collected, on Punta Los Caracas beach.

Haiti: The Anacaona Community, together with Good Deeds Day, successfully brought a handwashing station to 300 students attending a school in one of the most challenging communities in Haiti. The goal of this project was to bring more constant hygiene access to the school in order to improve their handwashing behavior.

Ukraine: The Volunteer Community, in collaboration with Good Deeds Day provides service in seven countries, especially in Ukraine, where they unite thousands of volunteers, annually providing assistance to tens of thousands of people in need. 

FinlandKAIVO kohtaamispaikka and Israel Suomessa - Israel in Finland, in collaboration with the Israeli embassy and Ambassador Hagit Ben Yaacov, partnered for Good Deeds Day to help Ukrainian refugees by providing them with groceries, toiletries, and clothes. The volunteers helped them fill out immigration paperwork and most of all gave them a sense of community, where they felt valued and noticed as individuals. 

Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines and Singapore: Five Asian countries, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Philippines and Singapore joined together for the “Good Deeds Day Cleaning Event,” using a trash pickup app. The hundreds of volunteers collected garbage in their cities, beaches, nature fields and immediately shared pictures of their efforts to clean up the garbage on the app to show impact worldwide and inspire each other.  

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