Good Things Come in Small Packages at this Life Saving Nonprofit

Online crowdfunding platform Modest Needs gives hardworking people a second chance


A helping hand.

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Every little bit helps - this is the main idea behind Modest Needs, a nonprofit that provides emergency grants for people who really need it. Modest Needs serves as a platform where low income yet essentially self-sufficient households can come to request emergency financial help for specific causes. Donors can help out specific people via Modest Needs. The website features some truly touching stories of hard working people who have fallen on hard times yet do not distinctly make the cut for completely underpriveleged, leaving them with nowhere else to turn. 
Believing that good things come in small packages, Modest Needs empowers ordinary people to give whatever they can to help those in need. No donation is too small and the idea is that collectively members of the public can make a real difference. An online community of neighbors helping each other out in times of need, Modest Needs makes the connnection between complete strangers with crowdfunding.
In a world of increasingly complicated lives and improved technology, think of this as the modern day version of asking a neighbor for a cup of sugar!

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