Goodnet’s Founder, Shari Arison, Speaks to Essence of Life Radio

We’re sharing Shari’s heartfelt thoughts on what we can learn from this Coronavirus period, and how work on ourselves from within can help us ride the challenges.

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(Courtesy The Arison Group)

Interviewed recently on Essence of Life radio, Shari Arison, founder of Goodnet, Essence of Life radio, and the person at the helm of The Arison Group, shared insights from her inspiring worldview. Hers is a spiritually-tinged and self-empowering perspective, offering us some much-needed comfort right now. We’re bringing you some of the highlights, but you can listen to the full interview here:

The interview begins with a chat between Shari and interviewer Assi Zigdon, both speaking from their respective homes, about what you can do when you have to stay home. Shari believes this is a time to get creative literally and in a broader sense: I work out, and I paint. I tell people to be creative and to think how to spend this time in a meaningful way – meaningful for ourselves and meaningful for our families.

Perhaps because Shari can draw on the tools she has gained from working on her spiritual development, Assi suggests she is in a good position to appreciate some “wisdom” emerging from this challenging period: Yes, to talk about lessons now may be unexpected, but I think we’re learning a lot from this virus. We’re all learning that there are no boundaries, no borders, that we are all part of humanity. I really believe that we’re entering a new mindset, where people understand what’s important, that our health is important, love is important, our family, being kind to one another. So there are a lot of treasures we can appreciate.

Being aware of our thoughts and feelings, even with the inevitable negative emotions that emerge in all of us at times, leaves room for love and a greater understanding, suggests Shari. She emphasizes how easy it is to find online courses, meditations and other spiritual techniques to help out in this process, just by searching on Google or YouTube.

Shari offers some insights into the role of the media at this time too: I think that during these days the media need to update us so that we’re informed and responsible, but they should lower the fear-based reporting because that’s not going to help anybody’s health. It is this appreciation of the value of a positive perspective that has moved Shari to nurture Goodnet as a place for articles that are inspiring, that give tips and facts and hope, and connect people that are doing good things worldwide.

In true spiritual fashion, the interview concludes with Shari extending a whole-souled wish to all: And I would really like to bless everyone on planet earth with good health, and peace.

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