Google's New Platform that is Encouraging Girls to Love Computer Code [VIDEO]

Made With Code is intent on getting more women into the field of computer science

Jul 6, 2014

The trend of getting young women more interested in computer coding has hit one of the biggest centers of technology – Google. The company has recently launched Made With Code which aims to serve as a platform to bridge the gap between men and women in the technology sector. As it currently stands, less than one percent of women major in the field of computer science.

On Made With Code, the world of computer science is imagined through the eyes and interest level of girls as the site hosts an array of cool projects that use code to design bracelets, avatars and beats. Made With Code has partnered with such notables like Chelsea Clinton, Girls Who Code, Mindy Kaling and Girl Scouts of the USA to provide resources and events to those wanting to learn more. The folks at Google already have proven themselves to be quite adept at introducing and implementing innovative ideas into the mainstream; here is hoping that Made With Code will be another one of those initiatives that will transform the landscape of the tech world.

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