Why Gratitude is Good & How to Get More of it [INFOGRAPHIC]

The what, why and how of being grateful.

Oct 30, 2015


The term “gratitude” is attributed with incredible powers for the mind and body alike. But what does it really mean to be grateful? And if you want to reap the benefits, how can you pump it up? The infographic below lays it all out - from a simple definition to three easy steps to get more gratitude in your life.

Why Gratitude is Good and How to Get More of it WHAT  Gratitude is a deep appreciation of the good things in life - inside ourselves and all around us.    WHY  Grateful people:  are 10% healthier  sleep half an hour more per night  are 25% happier  have a more optimistic outlook    HOW  Write a gratitude journal every week  Think about 5 thing you’re grateful for when you wake up every morning  Send a thank you note


Infographic: Yael Shinkar


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