The Greener Side of Google is a Source of Inspiration

Innovation goes hand in hand with caring for the environment


The top of an old tree.

(Ilya Zibrov /

Google is a name that is easily recognizable throughout the world. From mapping the world’s oceans to creating accessibility to art museums, Google always appears to be one step ahead of the game. In line with their progressive technology they are also quite big fans of the environment.  
At Google Green, everything is, well you guessed it, green. In fact, one month of Google services for an active user uses less energy than driving a car for one mile. With a focus on offsetting their carbon footprint, Google uses renewable energy, equips their offices with solar panels and sponsors employee bike-to-work programs. On top of that, all of Google’s products are carbon neutral and the company has committed over one billion dollars to renewable energy projects.  Their ultimate goal is to power all of Google with 100% renewable energy, which given their track record, will most likely happen sooner than later.

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