The Greenest Concert Tour Around

Reverb goes eco with live music

Live concert.

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You’re at a live concert, jamming to the music of your favorite band, perhaps buying a cool piece of merchandise to remember the event - but did you ever stop to think of the concert’s impact on the environment?
The nonprofit Reverb has, and is dedicated to greening up music tours from backstage all the way to the main stage. At each concert, Reverb creates an eco-village in which local nonprofits are invited to connect with concert-goers, providing a platform for engagement and social change. Recycling bins are a mainstay at Reverb shows, in addition to biodegradable cups, merchandise made from organic materials and biodiesel fuel for tour buses.
Environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her husband Adam Gardner, lead guitarist for the band Guster, co-founded Reverb from their personal experiences of touring, recognizing a need to minimize the carbon footprint of live shows. The nonprofit has grown since their first tour in 2004, and volunteers play a vital role in Reverb shows, offering many opportunities for individuals and organizations to get involved.
Musicians like Drake, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band and more have taken notice by partnering with Reverb, using their shows as vehicles to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability while rocking out.

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