Guided Meditations by Goodnet: Self-love

Journey within to discover the power of self-love.

Guided Meditations by Goodnet: Self-love | Journey within to discover the power of self-love.

Join Goodnet's Managing Editor for a guided meditation to take you on a journey to self love. Here is the written transcript of the meditation.

Welcome to this guided meditation on self-love. Find a comfortable spot, whether sitting or lying down. Allow yourself to fully surrender to the present moment. As you settle in, take a deep breath in through your mouth, filling your lungs with nourishing air. Exhale slowly through your nose, releasing any tension. Feel the breath travel through your body like a gentle wave, bringing a sense of calm and relaxation.

Continue this deep breathing, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. Each breath is an opportunity to let go of any lingering stress or worry. With each exhalation, allow your body to sink deeper into a state of serenity. Listen to the rhythmic sound of your own breath, a comforting melody that anchors you to the present moment.

As you continue to breathe, let your thoughts gently drift to a memory—a specific moment in time when love embraced you completely. It could be the warmth of love for a romantic partner, the pure and unconditional love for a child, the nurturing love of a parent, the loyal companionship of a beloved pet, the guiding love of a teacher, the wisdom and warmth of a grandparent, or the enduring bond with a sibling. Select a memory that resonates deeply within you.

Immerse yourself in this memory. Feel the details—the warmth, the joy, the connection. Allow this moment of love to unfold before you, like a vivid scene in a cherished movie. Sense the emotions, the sensations, and the pure essence of love.

Now, gently separate the feeling of love from the memory. Let it linger within you. Feel it in your core, a beautiful and powerful sensation that transcends time and circumstance. Allow it to spread like a gentle wave, enveloping every inch of your body with its radiant energy.

As the love expands, notice the color that accompanies this emotion. Perhaps it's a warm golden hue, a soothing blue, or a vibrant pink. Let the color deepen and intensify as it flows through your limbs, your chest, and every part of your being.

Guide this effervescent feeling into your heart. Visualize it penetrating every corner of your being, like a gentle breeze stirring the leaves of a tree. You are surrounded by this radiant, loving energy. In this moment, acknowledge your worthiness of love, kindness, empathy, patience, and acceptance.

Allow this feeling to resonate deeply within the core of your being, like a gentle melody that echoes through the chambers of your heart. In this profound moment of self-affirmation, feel a wave of warmth and acceptance wash over you, embracing not only your conscious self but the very essence of your soul. Recognize with tender clarity that you are not only worthy but deserving of the boundless love and compassion that you so effortlessly bestow upon others.

Picture this love as a radiant, golden light that emanates from the depths of your being. It's a luminous force that knows no bounds, touching every part of your existence with its gentle glow. As you inhale the truth of your worthiness, envision this golden light expanding, filling the spaces within you that may have longed for acknowledgment and tenderness.

Acknowledge the beauty that resides within you—the kindness, strength, and resilience that make you unique. Allow these qualities to bloom, like delicate flowers unfolding in the sunlight. You are a garden of virtues, deserving of admiration and care. 

Gently say to yourself: "I am worthy of love". 

Let these words carry the weight of your own acknowledgment. Feel the resonance of each syllable as it weaves through the tapestry of your emotions. In this moment, recognize the significance of self-love not as a luxury but as a fundamental right—an essential nourishment for the soul.

In this emotional exploration, let any self-doubt be gently replaced by an overwhelming sense of self-compassion. You are not just deserving; you are inherently worthy of the love that extends beyond the boundaries of time and circumstance. Like an ancient, unspoken promise, your worthiness echoes through the corridors of your existence, affirming your place in the vast tapestry of humanity.

“I am worthy of love” 

As you navigate this journey of self-love, remember that the compassion you offer to yourself is the most precious gift you can bestow. In recognizing your own worth, you become a beacon of love, radiating warmth not only to yourself but to those around you. Embrace this moment with the tenderness it deserves, for in doing so, you are acknowledging the sacred truth that you are deserving of boundless love and compassion.

"I am worthy of love."

Continue your deep breathing, inhaling love and exhaling any self-doubt or negativity. With each breath, repeat the mantra:

"I am worthy of love."

Let these words become a powerful affirmation that echoes in the chambers of your heart.

As we conclude this meditation, continue to carry this mantra with you throughout your day. When you need a reminder, close your eyes, visualize the color of love, and let it spread through your body. Take a moment to repeat your mantra:

"I am worthy of love."

May this meditation be a source of enduring self-love and compassion. Carry this warmth with you as you go about your day, knowing that you are deserving, you are loved. Thank you for sharing this special moment of self-compassion and love.

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