This E-Grocery Store Just Made Eating Organic More Affordable

A healthy body at the fraction of the price


A selection of Brandless products are shown on a table

Who says better needs to cost more? (rblfmr /

A well-balanced diet is key for a healthy mindset. Although eating healthy can run up your credit card bill, the newly launched Brandless set out to change that with their line of completely affordable, organic products that cost $3 or less.

Even items like sea salt quinoa chips, organic pasta sauce, and 100% pure organic honey cost 3$! Think of Brandless as your new, super reasonably priced online shop that sells home staples (including cleaning supplies, beauty products, and kitchenware), all for under $5.

If you’re wondering why everything can cost so little while promising organic products, Brandless has two words for you: Brand Tax.

Brandless set out to eliminate Brand Tax, a sneaky fee consumers pay when purchasing national products. Oftentimes, consumers pay additional costs for their products before it even hits the shelf.

By cutting out the middleman (distribution costs, trade marketing, retail costs, etc), and focusing on creating minimal packaging and selling directly on their site, Brandless was able to create a more inclusive price range for a wide variety of customers who want to eat healthy and purchase high-quality items.

Speaking of those high-quality goods, they’ve created a line of products that are non-GMO, organic, fair trade, gluten free, no added sugar, or kosher for so people with various dietary restrictions can find something they’ll enjoy.

Brandless CEO, Tina Sharkey said that their mission is to tackle over saturation of products and to make organic and wellness foods and products more widely available.

“That’s our goal, to democratize access to awesome, amazing stuff at fair prices,” she said. “We want to debunk the idea that better needs to cost more, because it actually doesn’t, and everyone deserves it.”

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