Healthy and Fun Candy Alternatives to Hand out for Halloween

This year, switch out the candy for awesome treats that are sure to be a hit.

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Kids love to Trick-or-Treat and collect huge quantities of candy. Sugar-laden treats may be every kids’ dream, but it can also be a nightmare for health-conscious parents.

Apart from sugar, candy often contains nuts and other allergens and even the most responsible child might not remember to check the small print before digging into their bounty.

So, instead of going with the flow and handing out the usual Halloween fare, you can give out non-candy treats that kids (and parents) will love. There are lots of creative, educational, and fun giveaways that will last long after the holiday ends.

1. Pirate's Booty Snack Puffs

A healthy organic treat with a great pirate theme is sure to be a hit.  A 24 pack costs around $20.

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2. Spooky Pencils or Erasers

Kids can take them to school and use them long after Halloween is over. Packages of 144 pencils cost around $25, 144 erasers are $9.95

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3. Real Fruit Juice Boxes

This is a tasty and a great way to hydrate thirsty trick-or-treaters as they go on their way. Thirsty kids may drink them as they trick-or-treat. Packages of 32 organic juice boxes cost around $25. Apple & Eve 100 percent juice boxes costs around $10.

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4. Temporary Tattoos

Kids love them! You can buy 144 Halloween themed tattoos l for around $5 - $8.


5. Mini Pretzels or Crackers

Salty snacks are a healthier alternative to candy. Snyder's make 24 and 48 packs. Utz has packages of 20 and a plastic barrel of 70, prices begin around $15. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish comes in a box of 20 snack packs for around $10.

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6. Crayon Packs

Halloween themed crayon packs of 6 crayons are available in 24 packs for around $6-$8. Crayola crayon boxes of 4 crayons are 24 packs for around $8.

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7. Hot Chocolate Packets

To warm those little ones up after trick-or-treating. This will go over well in colder climates. You can buy a 50-count pack for around $10.


8. Mini Play-Doh

Little hands can be very creative with this safe, non-toxic modeling clay. For kids age 2 and up. Halloween bags of 80 are available for $35.

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9. Glow Bracelets

They are fun to wear and will keep the trick-or-treaters visible. Packages of 100 are available for around $12, 300 for around $22.

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10. Bubbles

Who doesn't love bubbles – they will keep kids of all ages entertained,  and Halloween themed bubble packs of 24 cost around $16. You can even get plain packs for around $7 and decorate them with spooky stickers.

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