Here’s the Digital Way to Teach Morals at Bedtime Every Night

Brown Mouse Publishing wants to teach your kids about peacebuilding and personal growth.

Aug 16, 2016
A father reads his daughter a bedtime story

A bedtime story (Shutterstock)

If your copy of Walter the Farting Dog has just about had it, along with Oh, The Places You'll Go and The Giving Tree, well, a new online publishing company called Brown Mouse Publishing has just the refresher for your bedtime story routine. With a complete focus on positive storytelling, exploring universally relatable themes, each story on the site seeks to create an interactive dialogue between readers - touching upon ideas of personal growth, peace, life goals, positive relationships and various other relevant issues that children are just starting to tackle in their own development.

The sole purpose of Brown Mouse Publishing is to create stories that initiate discussions with little ones that garner engaging, positive interactions in their lives that respect other's opinions and differences. The added bonus? Brown Mouse publishing enables users to download PDF files of each story, so you can read it directly online (or print it if you choose).

All stories cost $3.99 to download and there are also a few free reads to get you started and see how you like this mode of storytelling - so everybody goes to sleep happy!

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