Hollywood A-Listers’ Role of a Lifetime- Playing the Planet

Conservation International’s campaign, Nature Is Speaking, aims to raise awareness about the treatment of the planet with the help of top celebs.

Oct 15, 2014

An all-star cast plays nature's most important roles. [Screenshot from Nature Is Speaking]

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have lent their voices to create a series of videos that highlight the importance of caring for our planet, as part of Conservation International’s new ad campaign Nature Is Speaking. The all-star roster includes: Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, Edward Norton, Penelope Cruz and Robert Redford. The short films – two minutes at most – present depictions of what the planet would say to humans if it could address them directly, specifically questioning their treatment of natural resources. In Kevin Spacey’s Rainforest, he sarcastically speaks about the importance of trees and how they create oxygen for humans, and Penelope Cruz as Water sadly laments the fact that she is taken for granted.
The clips strike a serious and direct tone, and serve as a wakeup call to how humankind interacts with Mother Earth. At the end of each video the words, “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature” flash on the screen, a clear message that the planet is a gift and should be treated accordingly - with respect and dignity.
While Nature Is Speaking serves as a warning to the risks of not properly taking care of the environment, the campaign offers several ways to be part of the solution. In partnership with computer giant HP, each time someone uses the hashtag #NatureIsSpeaking on social media, one dollar will be donated to Conservation International's efforts. Their goal is to reach one million mentions - which translates into one million dollars. Additionally, the veteran nonprofit encourages people to take the pledge to make environmentally conscious choices in their everyday lives.
The ambitious campaign has given nature the megaphone; the question is, are we listening?

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