Honoring Cats on ‘Mew Year’s Day’!

Cats around the world are celebrated in style.


Honoring Cats on ‘Mew Year’s Day’! | Cats around the world are celebrated in style.

Everyone looks forward to ushering in the New Year, but the party is not over on January 1. If you own a cat or are thinking about adopting one, January 2 is annual “Mew Year Day”, and a great opportunity to celebrate those furry felines that are so loved.

Cats are important to so many, they have several dedicated cat days in the calendar. World Cat Day is observed on August 8 in most countries, while Russians have their own National Cat Day on March 1. In the US, cat owners celebrate National Cat Day and World Cat Day on October 29.

As for the Japanese, their Cat Day is well loved and is gaining popularity worldwide. This day takes place on February 22 in Japan and is devoted to sharing cute cat videos and pictures.

As all cat owners know, these purring pets need a lot of attention. In 2016, cats received yet another honor when Tom and Ruth Roy created Mew Year Day, according to National Today.

Mew Year Day is the time for owners to appreciate their graceful and regal pets, and for cats to ponder the “mewness” of their upcoming year. Here is a glimpse at how loved cats are around the world.  

Cat is king in the US

The US comes out the winner, with cats being an important pet of choice. More than 86 million cats live in 39 million American households, according to the Humane Society, with 42.7 percent of Americans owning a cat. It has been estimated that one in three American households owns a cat, having an average of 2.2 cats per house, as reported in World Atlas.

The good news is that Americans welcome stray cats. They like to take them in and care for them, with 34 percent of households adopting a cat as opposed to only 3 percent purchasing a cat from a breeder. 

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The many ways to say “cat” in Russian

The Russians also enjoy having cats as pets, with many households having one or more felines in the family. In Russia, according to statistics in the World Atlas, there were 12.75 million cats in 2017.

A cat is not simply a cat in Russia; there is a special word for a female cat (KOSHka), a giant, well-fed male cat (kaTYAruh), and a cute female cat (KOshychka). Russians are kind to stray cats, yet they also adore their Russian Blue breed. This top breed in Russia, with its shimmering silvery gray coat, is renowned for its great personality and “cattitude.”

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The cat islands of Japan

The word nikojima means cat island in Japanese.  There are 11 such islands in Japan that are adored by Japanese visitors and international tourists, according to All About Japan.

The Japanese cherish cats so much, the feline is often the main subject in art and literature, according to the World Atlas. There are approximately 7.25 million cats in Japan and as pets, cats are pampered at cat salons and cafeterias, and are honored nationally on Japanese Cat Day.

The Japanese, however, take their cat obsession to a higher level. There is a cat island in Japan called Tashirojima Island complete with a shrine where cats are worshipped as they are thought to bring good luck.

There is another paradise for cats in Japan called Aoshima Island where there are so many cats, according to World Atlas, the ratio of cats to humans is 100 to 15! Cat lovers from around the world flock to the island where they are greeted at the port by a tail-waving cat brigade!

Cats the world over are gearing up for a “mew” year filled with opportunities! Give your cat a head start on this day with a special cuddle, a healthy treat, or perhaps adopt a stray and give it a “purrfect” home!

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