Hop On the Mystery Bus that Travels Around Doing Good

Do Good Bus arranges volunteering opportunities for passengers at unknown destinations

Jun 26, 2014

Image from the Do Good Bus Facebook page

You board a bus, not knowing the other passengers and unaware of your destination. The only thing you are certain of is that you will be helping others. How many of you would do it?
That is the premise behind the Do Good Bus, a Los Angeles-based initiative which transports people on a bus to perform community service projects. Each month, folks in the LA area can sign up and ride with other likeminded good doers to volunteer in the community, working with children, animals, the environment and more. But, the catch is that each location is secret, and the passengers have no idea exactly where they will be going or who they will be helping. Bus adventures are also arranged for private events and company gatherings, all with a focus on group bonding, spreading awareness and having fun. The indie pop band Foster the People are huge fans, and threw their support behind the Do Good Bus, even integrating it into their national tour. The novel idea of volunteering on wheels without knowing the destination is a creative twist on giving back, and the Do Good Bus is at the helm, bringing change at every stop.

Get a better idea of what the Do Good Bus is about with this video:

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