How a 7-Year-Old Boy Got on His Bike to Make a Difference [VIDEO]

Charlie Simpson's sponsored bike ride for Haiti earthquake victims was so sucessful that he managed to raise 42202% of his original target

Mar 7, 2014
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Charlie Simpson was just a regular 7-year-old from London, until one day he decided to change the lives of people in need half way across the world. After being deeply moved by the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Charlie organized a sponsored bike ride with the help of his parents to raise money for those affected. His campaign was so successful that he ended up raising 42202% of his original 500 pound target. His amazing story is profiled in the documentary Every Three Seconds that looks at seemingly ordinary people who decide to take extraordinary actions in their communities.
Charlie is just one of many examples of brave young kids who took action when they saw the need.

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