How Buying One Bag of Coffee Translates into Clean Water for a Week [VIDEO]

Social entrepreneurial game-changer TOMS is taking a new approach with its latest One for One campaign

Aug 8, 2014

TOMS is the company that just keeps on giving. First it was shoes, then it was eyewear and now the global brand, which has revolutionized the world of social entrepreneurship, is using its successful One for One model to provide the gift of water. This time they are slightly changing their unique business model and instead of selling water to provide H20 to those in need, they are selling coffee. For every bag of coffee purchased they will give one week of clean water to a person without regular access in Rwanda, Honduras, Peru, Guatemala and Malawi. With this being TOMS, the beans used for their the six unique coffee varieties are sourced from these countries through direct trade efforts from regions with a proud, longstanding tradition of great coffee.
In this video we meet Chance, a thirteen-year-old boy who is responsible for collecting water for his family as well as Nathan, a coffee farmer who speaks about how the coffee beans he cultivates impacts his family and future generations to come. Narrated by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, the clip features details about how the exciting new project works and the impact it is set to have.

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