How Cardboard Boxes are Transforming Education in India [VIDEO]

The Help Desk is both a desk and school bag

Jun 10, 2014

Many schools in rural India do not have desks for students to sit in, leading to poor eyesight and hunched posture. These students, while eager to learn, also lack bags to put their school supplies in. Well, a combination of ingenuity and discarded carton has come to the rescue to create Help Desk, and it only cost 20 cents to produce! Doubling as a desk and a briefcase-like school bag, the creative solution was a joint effort by the nonprofit Aarambh and the marketing company DDB India. Gathering discarded carton from retail outlets, corporate housing and recyclers, crafters stenciled and cut the pattern to create the Help Desk. After testing out a couple of prototypes, Aarmbh distributed the cardboard wonders to schoolchildren in rural Maharashtra, which as you can see in the video, brought huge smiles to their faces.

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