How a Community Came Together to Save a Family Farm

All for one

Jul 6, 2019

(Nigel Jarvis /

David and his family have been farmers for generations. One day they discovered that a distant relative who inherited the 80-acre property decided to sell the farm. 

David, who was in his 20’s at the time, was determined to buy it back no matter how challenging it would be to scrap together such a large sum of money in such a short amount of time.

After two weeks of strategic thinking and sleepless nights, David and his father gathered whatever they could and left for the auction.

When they walked in, they saw over 200 farmers there, many of whom were owners of large properties and could easily outbid David. When the auctioneer announced the family’s farm, David and his father put in their bid, sure that someone else will outbid them.

However, what happened next shocked them. The crowd fell silent. Not one farmer bid against the family. The auctioneered called a second time and silence filled the room again.

A third time- and still not one bid. The amazed auctioneer put down his gavel and announced David the winner. 

When asked what he thought happened that day, David answered- respect. The farmers refused to bid because they understood that David and his family worked hard at that farm and deserved to buy it back. 

“I’ve had two profoundly humbling days in my life.” David explains. “The first was the day my son was born. The second was that unforgettable day at the Auction House.”

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