How One Charity Turns Leftovers into Delicious Meals for Those Who Need It

Freshly-cooked Second Helpings


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Ever wonder what happens to all the food at a restaurant that isn't eaten at the end of the day, or what supermarkets do with leftover produce? Most of the time, unfortunately, it's thrown away. In an attempt to put an end to this practice, the amazing team at Second Helpings works tirelessly to save the unwanted food and make sure that it reaches the mouths of those who need it most.
After rescuing the excess food, volunteers at the Indianapolis-based charity create hot nutritious meals that are then distributed to social services agencies.
As well as fighting hunger by turning "trash" into nutritious meals, Second Helpings also changes lives by offering a culinary job training program helping unemployed people master the skills for a career in catering.
In honor of Homemade Soup Day (February 4), it's a good time to think how to reduce your food waste at home with a wholesome vegetable soup made from leftovers.

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