How One Healthy Snack Company is Raising the Bar on Kindness

KIND is paying it forward by unleashing the good in each and every one of us


Kind bar.

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KIND snacks may be famous for their nutritious treats, yet it's their passionate mission to increase kindness that's even more captivating. For this business - self proclaimed as a not-ONLY-for-profit - notions of giving and generosity are not merely commendable ideals, but rather real actions.  
Launched last fall, KIND Causes is a program that awards 10,000 dollars every month to individuals and organizations pitching activities to make the world a kinder place. The platform is open for submissions, and projects are put to vote by the masses: the largest number of votes receives the prize money to advance their cause. Yet KIND doesn't stop there: each person who casts a vote - and even multiple votes - also pledges to do an act of kindness.
Embodying the value of paying it forward, KIND recently installed flower walls in cities throughout the United States where individuals received a bar, and were encouraged to pick a flower and brighten someone’s day by passing it on.
Getting even more clout for their activities, KIND has partnered with none other than NBA superstar Kevin Durant for an exciting collaboration. Together, they are running a campaign entitled Strong and Kind in which folks are encouraged to take the Strong and Kind pledge, and KIND is doing their part by donating one million dollars (!) to support the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation.
With more tasty treats and good doing endeavors than ever, KIND is definitely a company to keep your eye on. 

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