How to Be as Smart as Rory Gilmore

An online quiz for book lovers


Reading a book.

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One of the things we love most about The Gilmore Girls is Rory's bookworm tendencies – she was filmed reading 339 books over the course of seven seasons of girly fun. Want to take some literary inspiration from Rory? Challenge yourself with The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge – a user-generated online quiz which lists all 339 books.
Looking down the list, Rory's taste in books has some serious scope - from classics like Crime and Punishment and Jane Eyre - to modern best-sellers like Everything is Illuminated and The Kite Runner, along with some lighter reads, like George W. Bushims. And actress Alexis Bledel's character was only 16 when the television show began!
No matter your reading style, take the test, see how you measure up, and fill up your winter reading list. How many have you read? Tell us in the comments below.

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