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WWOOF links volunteers to organic farms

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Global interest in sustainability and eco-friendly ways of living have been rising continuously in recent years, from food and recycling to vegetarianism and farming. Growing along with this trend is WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), an organization that links potential volunteers with organic farms and small holdings that need help.
While individual farms and volunteers vary widely, the deal is generally a four to six hour work day in return for food and accommodation, along with learning about living an eco-lifestyle. Tasks also vary – volunteers help out with anything from sowing seed, composting, gardening and planting to milking, feeding, wine making, cheese making and bread making.
The movement has grown gradually since its inception in England in the 1970s, and now includes national WWOOF organizations in 50 countries, and an international umbrella organization - The Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FOWO). The setup makes planning your WWOOF-ing (yes, it's a verb!) adventure simple – just decide where you'd like to volunteer and follow the instructions on the new WWOOF site.

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