How to Build a Social Circle Full of Positive People

Attracting quality people starts with taking responsibility for your actions and how they affect those around you.


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Whether looking to build stronger relationships with the good people you already know or add more high-value friends into your life, attracting quality people starts with taking responsibility for your actions and how they affect those around you and who you attract. Understanding the qualities to cultivate within yourself will lead the right people to naturally gravitate toward you.

It’s a two-way street.

What you are, you attract. If we expect quality people to want to spend time with us, we’ll need to exhibit quality behaviors in return. That means evaluating the way we treat the people in our lives. No one is perfect, but we should focus on cultivating quality behaviors if we expect anyone to treat us in the same way.

Build better interpersonal skills.

Every relationship is only as good as the people in it so you’ll want to work on qualities that help build stronger connections with others. That means developing interpersonal skills like active listening, paying attention, respect, honesty, and acceptance.

Lend a helping hand.

The Dalai Lama once said, “generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.” Giving to others, whether money, time, or expertise, is a great way of showing others that we care. While you should give without the expectation of something in return, giving will also inspire kindness in others and attract generous people into our lives.

Develop a positive attitude.

Do you find the glass half-full or half-empty? Sure, it’s an old cliche, but developing a positive outlook has many proven benefits that, not only make it easier to get through life but also attract quality people. Our attitude affects those around us. Quality people will naturally avoid negativity. So if you want to attract positive people, make sure you also have a positive perspective.


“When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” Aside from having tons of health benefits like relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and building a strong immune system, smiling also attracts more people and makes you more likable. Simply smiling brings the opportunity of meeting someone new.

Put yourself out there.

While it may not always seem easy to open up, you can’t meet new, quality people without putting yourself out there. That might mean going out of your comfort zone. Look for events where you could easily meet people who share common interests. If you like to exercise, attend a workout class. If you like art, check out the new exhibition in town. By putting yourself out there, you’ll have the chance to connect with new people.

Quality people lift each other up.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, support you in your goals, and give you encouragement. Let’s say you have a new business idea or weight loss goal. You’ll want the people around you to say things like “That sounds amazing!” or “How can I help?” At the same time, you’ll want to do the same for those around you as they focus on their new endeavors.

Learning when to let go.

Of course, sometimes even when we develop good behaviors within ourselves, we can let the good in with the bad. It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone is worth our time. Giving time and energy to the wrong people can bring us down. In that case, we should learn when to let go of toxic relationships and walk away.