How to Change the World by Changing Your Underwear

THINX period-proof undies empower women all over the world.


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Did you know that around the developing world 100 million girls miss a week of school every month? Can you guess why? It’s because they’re menstruating, and don’t have access to protection. THINX underwear has a brilliant solution.

First, the New York-based team designed a revolutionary set of undies that women can wear while they have their periods. The award-winning, patented technology keeps women clean and dry - and they’re seriously cute, too! In a triumph of design, the first layer of moisture-wicking material draws liquid away from the body, while anti-microbial fibres keep bacteria at bay. And somehow, the magic panties are super absorbent and totally leak-resistant.

Next up, the social enterprise sends funds to partner organization AFRIpads in Uganda for every pair of THINX undies purchased. There, over a hundred local employees sew reusable pads - so that girls can stay in school every day of the month. So one purchase packs a triple punch for the ladies - the first woman with the super period-proof undies, the Ugandan women making a living with AFRIpads, and the girls who get access to protection during their monthly cycle.

By reimagining female hygiene products in this innovative way, THINX is providing education, confidence and peace of mind to women and girls all over the world. Serious girl power.

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