How to Create Social Impact on Your Next Shopping Spree

A free app puts the power in your hands

Sep 2, 2013

Image from Flickr user Mista Yuck

Awareness and action are the guiding forces behind Buycott, a free app that helps you align your social conscience with your purchases. The app, available on iPhone and Android, compiles user-generated social campaigns in a variety of categories, ranging from animal welfare and civil rights to food and health. With Buycott, a simple scan of a product’s barcode can reveal which companies are behind the brand, as well as what Buycott social campaigns they appear in – giving the shopper the choice to buycott - that is, support the brand - or to boycott it. The app can serve as a tool to gain the attention of major companies, encouraging them to change or adjust their positions to better reflect the interests of the public.
So whether you are pro sustainable fishing or LGBT equality rights, Buycott puts the power in the hands of consumer, allowing individuals to make educated choices about what they buy.

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